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      1. Welcome to Cangzhou xinpeng zhiyuan fittings co. LTD


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        Cangzhou xinpeng zhiyuan fittings co., LTD. Produces and sells various specifications of flanges, elbow, pipe fittings, tee, cap and various of pipe fittings pipe fittings. There is a sound after-sales technical service system for the product, and there are strict measures and strong technical force in after-sales service, so as to ensure that the products can go anywhere and the service team is there. To meet the user's requirements for product technical services as much as possible. And our factory has established a strong sales network throughout the country and offices, this includes not just provide you with advanced design, high quality products and preferential prices, more we can provide are a good technical support and after-sales service. we will not rest till reach your need and satisfaction.

        Successful businesses, with successful entrepreneurs, have a successful talent pool. The enterprise will "people-oriented" as the important content of the enterprise culture, the talent is the primary resource, is the development of the enterprise, the competition. Good employees, bring good products and good service. The company is committed to providing a broad development space for every employee and fully exploring its potential capability. Our factory is home to every employee who is willing to join us to realize our ideal and ambition.

        The enterprise talent view: selecting people by virtue and ability, educating people by aptitude, keep people in love.

        A man can do what he can to get his employees to do their jobs.

        Educating people by aptitude: the ruler has a short time, it has the director, we cultivate the talent to pay attention to its specialty, because of the material. We make a personalized career plan based on everyone's situation.

        We provide employees with a wide range of development opportunities to enable them to develop their capabilities. We create a more familial working environment and cultural atmosphere to retain more talents.

        Company view: we advocate "healthy, happy, positive, scientific" work view. Physical and mental health, enjoying the work, can obtain the real pleasure of life.

        The development of enterprises is not only a combination of personal and corporate interests, but also the ideals and values that people can share together, which will be the source of energy for the development and growth of enterprises.

        Our factory provides the perfect salary and welfare guarantee for each employee, providing a broad development space for each employee. Here, our factory will warmly welcome the people of insight to join hands to create a better tomorrow!

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