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        Galvanized elbow
        Galvanized elbow
        • PRODUCT NAME:

          Galvanized elbow

        • DESCRIPTION:
          Galvanized elbow is a kind of elbow, the elbow surface is coated with a layer of zinc material, improve the corrosion resistance of elbow. ..



        Galvanized elbow is a kind of elbow, the elbow surface is coated with a layer of zinc material, improve the corrosion resistance of elbow. Galvanized elbow is divided into two kinds of hot-dip galvanizing and zinc plating. The thickness of hot-dip galvanized zinc coating is low, the cost of zinc plating is low, and the surface is not very smooth. The galvanized galvanized pipe has been banned, and the latter has been advocated by the state for the time being.

        Now that the use of galvanized elbow pipe heating with gas, the connection is galvanized elbow, galvanized elbow as the water pipe connector, use after a few years, produced a lot of rust in the tube, the outflow of water not only pollute the sanitary ware, and mixed with smooth inner wall corrosion caused by bacteria, heavy metal content in the water is too high, serious harm to human body health. In 60s and 70s, developed countries began to develop new types of pipe, and galvanized pipe and galvanized elbow were prohibited. Chinese the Ministry of construction and other four ministries also issued a document specifically from the two 000 year disabled galvanized elbow, the cold water pipe New District has been rarely used galvanized elbow connecting pipe, some areas of the hot water pipe is used in galvanized elbow connection.

        Galvanizing elbow process:

        Optimization of 1. zinc sulfate plating

        The advantage of the galvanized galvanized elbow is that the current efficiency is as high as 100%, and the deposition rate is fast. Because of the lack of detailed crystallization, poor dispersion and poor plating ability, it is only suitable for electroplating of pipes and wires with simple geometry.

        2. conversion of zinc sulfate plating

        Sulfate electro galvanized iron alloy elbow to retain only the main salt of zinc sulfate zinc sulfate, and other components such as aluminum sulfate, alum (aluminum potassium sulfate) can be in the plating process, adding sodium hydroxide to generate insoluble hydroxides for removal; organic additives, add powdered activated carbon adsorption removal.

        3. the deposition rate is fast and the protection performance is excellent

        Kraft electric galvanized elbow alloy high current efficiency reaches 100%, deposition rate is any plating speed of fine tube There is nothing comparable to this, 8 ~ 12 m/min, the average thickness of 2m/min, it is difficult to achieve continuous galvanizing.

        4. unique clean production

        Galvanized steel elbow is made of electro galvanized iron alloy, which is straight through between the production line and the slot, and the solution does not have any out or overflow.

        5. the particularity of electroplating equipment

        Galvanized elbow plating is the same as wire plating, belongs to continuous electroplating, but the plating equipment is different. A plating bath designed for its slender strip, with long, wide and shallow grooves. When the wire is electroplated, the wire penetrates through the hole and spreads out in the shape of the liquid surface to keep the distance between each other.



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